Our meeting on July 9th…

The theme for yesterday’s meeting was: If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

A terrific turnout where we had a full room of members and guests. Tim Kwan lead the meeting. We had Bill give a humorous ‘AS I See It’ where he encouraged us to adopt his idea of having kids as young as 6 out in the workforce. Homayoun did a great Table topics where we had to decline his requests.

We had 3 speakers: Janice, Marius and Jason.
For the awards:
Best Table Topics: Janice and Bill
Best Evaluator: Bill
Best Speaker: Janice
Spark Plug: Brenda (one of our guests) who stepped out of her comfort zone and delivered a Table Topics for the first time.

In the new business section, Derek mentioned about an evaluation workshop that Gord Wilson is putting on for the club at the August 6th meeting and encourage members to attend. More details to come.

We had 3 guests out at our meeting and a returning guest became a member of Podium Toastmasters.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out on July 23rd!