Presentation of our Annual Awards


At last Tuesday’s meeting, Jonathan Fleisch, our president, presented our annual Podium awards for our Toastmaster year: 2011-2012. Every year, Podium presents three awards to deserving recipients.
The Stalwart Award-is awarded to the member who attends consistently attends the most meetings throughout the Toastmaster year.
The Toastmaster of the Year Award-is awarded to the member who has given the most contribution to the club
The Most Improved Toastmaster Award-is awarded to the member who has shown the most improvement in their public speaking ability.

The executive then votes on whom they think is the most deserving of each award.

The winner for the Stalwart Award was Tim Kwan. Tim has consistently shown throughout the year that he attends meetings on a regular basis and participates as much as possible. He has shown great strides in his delivery skills and taking on as many roles as possible throughout the meeting.

The winner for the Most Improved Toastmaster Award was Yan Li. This was a unanimous decision as Yan made great strides to represent the District at the International level in the International Speech Contest. Having competed for the first time ever in the contest, she has shown that with hard work and determination you can certainly go far in Toastmasters.

The winner for the The Toastmaster of the Year Award was Gord Wilson. As a long time Toastmaster Gord has been instrumental in continuing to show Podium what a great mentor, leader and speaker is all about. He was a strong mentor for Yan and encouraged her to compete. As well he was with her every step of the way to ensuring her the best success up to the International level.

Congratulations to all of our winners!