What are your Goals for this year?

thinking-personAs we’re going through the summer session right now, it seems like Podium Toastmasters might be in the back of your mind for many of you. But the the summer is a perfect opportunity to start thinking about what your goals for this upcoming Podium year might be. I’ve outlined a few tips that can put on you track and help you achieve your goal for this year whatever it may be.

#1 Understanding the Communication and Leadership Track

For many Podium Toastmasters that are just starting on their speech journey, the Competent Communicator should be your first goal to build a good foundation of various speaking skills. For some of you that are finishing the CC manual, close to finishing or past it, it’s important to understand what is beyond the CC manual. Toastmasters provides two excellent tracks: Leadership and Speaking. District 4 Toastmasters provides a thorough explanation and excellent flow chart of both paths.
It doesn’t matter which one you choose just keep in mind that in order to get your Distinguished Toastmster designation down the road, you will have to complete both tracks.

#2 Participating in contests

When Podium Toastmasters starts up in full swing in September, the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests will be happening. Either contest doesn’t have any requirements other than being a member in good standing of the club. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice your speaking ability and the Table Topics competition requires no preparation at all as you’re simply just speaking off the cuff. So if you want to add some additional experience to your speaking repertoire, volunteer and participate in the contest.

#3 Getting a mentor lined up

Asking for some additional help can go a long way to achieving your goals as well. We have a number of mentors in the club that are willing to help out other Podium members. If you have someone in mind or don’t know who to ask, feel free to e-mail me and I’d be glad to help you out.