Your 2013-2014 Podium Executive



2013-2014 Podium Executive

In May of this year, Podium Toastmasters held it’s annual election to elect it’s new set of officers to usher in the new Toastmaster year. The following set of officers below have begun their term on July 1/2013.

President- Derek Wisniewski
Past President- Jonathan Fleisch
VP Education- Adrian Isaacs
VP Public Relations-Bryan Fan
VP Membership-Elida Huingard
Treasurer-Emily Chen
Secretary-Tella Sadighpour
Sgt @ Arms-Senthi Chellitah

They will be critical in carrying our club into the new Toastmaster year. Some are new onto the executive and have taken the bold step of improving their leadership abilities. Although each of them have indepedent roles, their roles all support one another. Get to know who does each role as if you have any questions/comments, you know the right member of the executive to speak to. If you’re not sure, ask any one of us and we’ll either try to help you or direct your question/comment to the right person on the executive.

Some common items you might want to approach the executive about:
VP Education-educational goals/scheduling
VP Public Relations-promotion of the club
Treasurer-membership payment
VP Membership-status of membership
Secretary-motions that have passed

We welcome your questions/comments as we work towards a successful 2013-2014 Podium Toastmaster year.